Pope Francis is expected to visit Armenia in September, the Catholic Church confirmed today. The Pontiff’s trip to the South Caucasus might include two other stops, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

“In September 2016, the visit of Pope Francis is expected to Armenia,” the Armenian Sputnik agency informed adding the organization of the visit was in charge of the Etchmiadzin Cathedral and the Vatican.

Meanwhile, Vatican sources said that it was “plausible” Pope Francis visited Georgia and Azerbaijan as well.

On September 2014, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan visited the Holy See and official invited the Pontiff to Armenia.

In 2015, the head of the Roman Catholic Church said “the first Genocide of the XXI century” was the 1915 massacre of 1.5 million Armenians, a Genocide recognized by 22 countries.

Turkey withdrew its Ambassador to the Vatican in protest against Pope Francis’ description of the century-old massacres of Christian Armenians as Genocide. In February this year, Turkey returned its diplomat.

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