On Saturday, 9 July 2016, Phileleftheros will circulate the most monumental publication ever on the Armenian-Cypriot community. Available at all kiosks across Cyprus, the 335-page volume (A4 size) will include over 650 photographs, as well as dozens of illustrations and maps and will cover, in detail and depth, the entire community’s history and presence from time immemorial until the present day. At the end of the volume, a concise bibliography is included, together with acknowledgements on a number of individuals who assisted this endeavour.

This monumental volume is the result of extensive research that started in June 2015 by journalist Anastasia Shakalli, with the tireless assistance and contribution by researcher-scholar Alexander Michael Hadjilyra, who has been thoroughly researching the community since 2008. As it will be out together with Phileleftheros, the volume will be available only in Greek. It will include ten (10) chapters, covering the following:

(1) History of Armenia, Armenians and Armenians in Cyprus.

(2) History of the massacres, the Genocide, stories from that dark period and other wartime stories (including the Armenian Legion).

(3) History and presence of the Armenian Church in Cyprus.

(4) History and presence of Armenian education in Cyprus.

(5) History and presence of Armenian-Cypriot social life.

(6) History and presence of Armenian sports, scouts and politics in Cyprus.

(7) Stories of Armenian photographers, writers, painters, musicians and other artists; arts and culture in the Armenian-Cypriot community.

(8) History and presence of Armenian-Cypriots in commerce (businesses, restaurants, crafts etc.).

(9) Selected stories of individuals, moments and incidents from community life.

(10) Select individuals (personalities, businesses, foundations).

The volume, available in Greek only, will be available at all kiosks across Cyprus on Saturday, 9 July 2016, at the exclusive price of €6,50 (+€3,50 for the newspaper). From Wednesday, 13 July 2016, it will be available again, at most kiosks and as a standalone edition, but for the price of €15!

We urge each and every one of you to acquire this monumental publication and let everyone know about it, so that it will become part of your library. It will be an invaluable reference and an interesting read for all Cypriots, especially Armenian-Cypriots and those researching the Armenian-Cypriot community.

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