Nicosia 21 September, 2016 – After the construction of the futsal ground, a new renovation project has been launched by the Cyprus Chapter of Homenetmen-AYMA that will facilitate the growing needs of the premises that houses several Armenian Cypriot organisations.

The ambitious project that will begin soon, will create a bigger space for meetings, press conferences and for welcoming guests for the Armenian National Committee of Cyprus and Homenetmen – AYMA.
It will create a patio facing the futsal ground for social gatherings where parents and fans can follow sports and community events.

The entrance of the premises, as well as the corridor will be renovated and a general face-lift will be applied to existing spaces that facilitate the practices of Hamazkayin’s SIPAN dance ensemble as well as the room where the AYF and Junior chapters hold their weekly meetings and their gatherings.

An added electricity supply will facilitate the new structures, so that community members can spend their time in the Armenian center with continued supply of air conditioning and central heating.
Finally, a new kitchen with modern amenities will be constructed to facilitate the in-house food production for AYMA and ARS (HOM) bazaars.

To realise these objectives, Homenetmen-AYMA appeal to members and friends of the Gibrahay community, to respond for their call to participate in the tramahavak.

Details on how to contribute, will be announced shortly.

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