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On Sunday, 9 October 2016, in a solemn ceremony at the Armenian Virgin Mary (Sourp Asdvadzadzin) cathedral in Nicosia, ex Catholicosal Vicar, Archbishop Nareg Alemezian, decorated Haroutiun (Artin) Anmahouni with the “Knight of Cilicia” medal.

Artin Anmahouni is undoubtedly a far-famed and colourful personality, both within the Armenian-Cypriot community and the broader society of Cyprus: a former athlete and film-maker, he is an author, a poet, a painter, a photographer, a scoutmaster and also a philanthropist and a benefactor of the Armenian Prelature of Cyprus, the Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia, as well as of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia. Catholicos Aram I issued the decree to honour his generosity and overall offer to Cypriots and Armenians on 28 September 2016.

Born in Nicosia on 14 January 1927 to parents hailing from Hadjin and Seleucia in Cilicia, he is the oldest active scout on the island and the General Commissioner of Armenian scouts in Cyprus. He has received over 500 medals, orders, certificates and diplomas from various organisations in Cyprus, the Catholicosate of Cilicia and the Republic of Armenia. He is also a living witness of Cypriot reality in general and Armenian-Cypriot reality in specific, with memories from the early 1930s and a uniquely rich photographic archive. A tireless servant of scouting and Armenianism, Artin Anmahouni has led a full life, filled of action, inspiration and volunteering. His wife, Sirarpi, was also honoured with a khachkar (cross-stone) for the Anmahouni couple’s substantial contributions and services.

The “Knight of Cilicia” medal was established by Cypriot-born Catholicos Khoren I Paroian, along with the medals “Saint Mesrob Mashdots”, “Saint Nerses the Gracious” and “Prince of Cilicia”. According to available information, the following Armenian-Cypriots have received this medal, awarded for major benefactions and services rendered: Aram Kevorkian (1888-1976), Vahan Bedelian (1894-1990), Dr Antranik L. Ashdjian (1918-1997), Garbis Bohdjelian (1919-), Kaloust Ekmekdjian (1925-2013), Benon Sevan (1937-), Marios Garoyian (1961-) and Artin Anmahouni (1927-). Only two Armenian-Cypriots have received the highest honour of the “Prince of Cilicia”, Vahram Utidjian (1888–1973) in 1967 and Levon Boyadjian from Larnaca [1905-1994].

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